Introducing the world's FIRST and ONLY split sample oral fluid drug test device with point of collection utility!


The Most Effective Test Kit for Illicit Drugs on The Market

For the first time both commercial and government agencies can use a more effective method of testing that is approved by SAMHSA for forensic use only and is legally defensible in a court of law.

OralKapture™ (OK)

OK Direct offers fast reliable products that are currently SAMHSA approved for forensic use 

For many years, Urine Drug Testing (UDT) has been the gold standard for drug screening.  However, today Oral Fluid Drug Testing (OFDT) is emerging as a fast, reliable, affordable alternative with many additional benefits. OralKapture is the world’s FIRST and ONLY oral fluid drug test (OFDT) with a point of collection (POC) drug screen that that reveals a qualitative result within 3-minutes as well as a legally defensible lab confirmation.

Revolutionary Drug Screening Technology

  • 30 Drugs – Including Designer Drugs
  • Accuracy is 99.9% when used as directed
  • Cost Effective
  • Non-Invasive
  • SAMHSA Approved
  • Tamper Proof 
  • Portable 
  • Quick Results
  • Weighs less than 2 oz

No more wasted time and productivity for new hire and return to work screenings. 

WHY use ok direct products?

Leading innovations in drug screening products. 

For accurate testing, oral fluid is emerging as a popular alternative to urine. It can be done on-site, observed (no tampering), and has immediate results. Current urine drug tests (UDT) are costly, cumbersome, and cannot be administered in field testing.  The OralKapture™ solves all of these issues for you and your drug testing needs.  For the first time ever, law enforcement has an objective and effective (legally defensible) drug test for the field, the courts, or the correctional facilities.

Law Enforcement

Approved for Forensics utilization. The OK Series Drug Testing Kits are ideal for Law Enforcement for testing on suspicion of impairment. Remove any doubt about an individuals impairment during traffic stops. Immediate results in the field! Perfect for Pre-Trial and Probation checks.

DOT and OSHA regulated Employers

To meet compliance for Public Safety concerns. Lab Screen + LCMS Confirmation of Saliva testing is far and away a better and less expensive option than any urine drug test used in status quo DOT regulated employer’s testing today

First Responders

Quick and accurate screening verification when suspicion of an unconscious person as a potential drug overdose.


Drug testing athletes in a safe and secure manner that exceeds the status quo


About Our Solutions

Revolutionary Design

Split Sample Vial for Confirmation or Additional Lab Testing

Dual Locking Swab

Optional Finger Print Biometrics

Patented Strip Holder

Lockable Integrated Sample Collection and Testing Device

Six Step instructions with pictures clearly displayed on the package

Red Dot indicator when sufficient saliva sample is collected

Oral Fluid (Saliva) Testing

This customizable 14-panel drug test screen provides the highest possible sensitivity screen on the market within 90-seconds of insertion. 

Results in less than 3 minutes: The OralKapture (DRG-8260) Saliva test takes approximately 3-minutes to absorb enough saliva (results vary) and another 90-seconds for the screening results to appear on the device.

The patented, one of a kind dual chamber creates Split Sample which allows for a legally defensible screen plus third party, independent confirmation to be performed.

30 different drugs available for screening.

Insurance reimbursement via a proprietary desktop reader in medical practices by Fall 2018. 

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Interesting Facts

OralKapture™ Saliva Fluid testing provides a fast reliable full scale testing that cannot be found with any other testing method. 

Minute Results
Drugs Screened
Percent Accuracy

Our Products

OK - 5

5 Panel Screening

  • OK-5 allows for the “Federal 5” illicit drugs (THC, COC, AMP, PCP, and OPI) to be screened.

OK - 7

7 Panel screening

  • Ideal for testing the 5 illicit with added Opioids like Oxycontin, Percocet, etc.

OK - 11

11 Panel screening

  • Perfect for customizing your drug testing needs with added synthetic and semi-synthetics.

OK - 14

14 Panel screening

  • Maximize your testing needs with a full array of drugs in a robust, customized manner.

Biohazard bags, requisition forms with labels for initials and signatures, and shipping supplies will be included with shipments.

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The Problem

The Solution

Using a proven field test can eliminate these types of situations

Law Enforcement faces many challenges while trying to determine when an individual is impaired by drugs. OK Direct can eliminate those struggles by offering a proven field test method with immediate results.

See how our ‘magical drug test’ can be a gamechanger for law enforcement agencies who face the growing consequences of more and more individuals driving under the influence of drugs such as marijuana.  Automobile fatalities are on the rise in states where marijuana has been legalized.  Law enforcement now has a tool to help them protect the public in an objective manner.